Seth Godin says you should write a blog post every day

He could be up to something. I'll do this for several reasons:

To write better

Producing writing every day and putting it out in public forces me to condense my thoughts into easy-to-understand tidbits. Speaking and writing concisely has been a problem for me, and this will help me fall into the habit.

To stay mentally organized

There's many things in this head of mine — fleeting thoughts, long-term plans, funny observations. Anything without some sort of system is at risk of clutter, so using the blog as a sort of Dumbledore's pensive will help.

To discover me

Writing a blog post every day is hard, especially if you have nothing to say. By committing to do this, I force myself to discover what I write more easily about, or under what sort of circumstances I work best. It'll help me find my creative strengths and weaknesses.

In one sense, putting this on the open web really makes me accountable for what I say, think, and notice. It's the first time in my life where any stranger who has my name and internet can peer into my life. I'm not afraid of judgement, and no bad reasons of doing this come to my head. However, the work required to maintain a blog extends far from just the blog — it forces me to restructure my life to make some basic sense. I can't just lounge around all day, since that would make for a boring post. My goals would need to make sense, and they should be reasonable and attainable. Work must be done.

In this case, the desire to not look stupid puts much-needed pressure on me to create, to think, to experience. It really is good pressure, in the sense that it's a non-stress motivator. Parents, school, whatever — all somewhat stressful. Those things can disagree, misunderstand, castigate. But not a blog! It's here for us first, not anyone else. I'll spill my fears and joys and whatever and it'll quietly listen, keeping track. It's the carrot at the end of the treadmill.

Worst case scenario, I don't keep up, and it's just another failed experiment. But, I'll really try to push this one. Even if it doesn't work, it'll still be kinda interesting. It's a good way to get this site off the ground, and get it some much needed work. I'm not a web designer, and this hugo setup should work well for the short term, but I need more, an about page at least.

So yeah, let's do this.