I'm going to drop science research from my schedule because:

  1. Passion

    Operating systems, compilers, SMT solvers, formal methods — these things are all beyond my ability as a high schooler. I don't have the ability to work on these things, especially given the deadlines I have to meet. This means research would require doing something else, something I have no interest in doing.

  2. Busywork

    From what I've seen of the seniors last year, science research is a lot of work. From the Regeneron application, to writing a whole paper, to many other formalities with mentors and posters and whatnot, I don't like busywork, because it takes time away from more meaningful things I could be doing. If I'm not passionate about research, there's no point in doing busywork.

  3. Expectation

    Science Research has been a point of expectation in my family — I've been expected to come up with a good project, and compete well. As a result, it has become the pain point for me. I operate on a policy of reduction, rather than being overwhelmed. This means the best way to deal with this problem is to stop persuing High School Science Research completely.

Overall, I'm incredibly grateful for all that the Science Research classes has done for me, and I have absolutely no regrets for taking the class. It's done wonders for my presentation skills, and information gathering skills in general. It was my favorite class I took last year — It's been my opportunity to graze in the green grasses of compiler and operating systems research.

I can't thank Mrs. Moore enough for being my science research teacher last year! Trying to explain compiler stuff to her was a real joy! I remember every time she read notes from her Bjorn Pagen meeting folder, wondering what the hell it all meant! I'll never forget the personality you put into being my research teacher!

Thank you to Mr. Connick, for being so enthusiastic about helping me find what I love to do! I wouldn't be here without you!

I'll let you guys know when I get into some real research!