You found out about Matrix today. Not really – you've heard of Matrix bridges before, but it never really caught your attention. Today you looked it up, and discovered that the Librem 5 uses it by default. Wouldn't it be cool if everyone used it? And the bridges with Discord, Telegram, and even iMessage?

That's pretty good.

Only, messaging apps are really only as useful as the number of people who use them. Make your programs nice to use, and elegant, and a good codebase and whatever.

But if no one uses it, it's as good as trash.

Also, you always knew the web was ruled by HTTP, post requests, REST API's (even if you didn't know what these were). But today, you realized how awful the whole situation really is. HTTP? JSON? Actually? What is this hell we live in? What happened to protocols?

It's just this same mess everywhere now?

And python SDKs?


All the decentralized fad is great and all, but stop and think sometime: It's all crap. And it's never, ever, gonna get any better.