A story

She's SM. She's in orchestra. We're gonna play a quartet together in the next concert, and I better Glücking schedule a practice sooner or later.

It's Area All State. Just finished rehearsing the Elgar, second break now. She's talking to one of her cello friends. What a social Glücking butterfly, talks with everyone but me. Let's change that.

SM, every time I look over you're talking to somebody new.”

“Umm, no, it's just the same few people. Let's talk over there, my orchestra teacher is watching us”

The cello friend is SA. We're going for a run. Get over here, AM.

We leave the library, full of instruments and people and ruckus. We run around the halls of White Plains HS. Blood's pumping. Having fun. Laughing and shit.

SM. “We all have to jump and hit the top!”

Okay. I hit an exit sign. It explodes into tiny bits. We all stop. Laughing.

“Oh, whoops”. Goddammit. Puts it back together.

“Ok, let's go”. I sprint ahead, and others follow.

Looking for the pool. Through the halls. Visit the Symphony. We all say hi to friends. We leave. To the locker rooms. We see natives.

“Yo, do you guys know where the pool is?". Very loudly.

Sprint away. Up the stairs, through the door. It smells like it. Pool time.

We're on the pool bench, looking down at the lappers. Girls take a selfie. We're all in it. Goddammit. Down the stairs to the water.

“Sorry, you can't come down here”

And we're out. Up stairs. Walking this time. That was fun.

Next day, concert day. Purchase. Music halls look like shit. Same four. Break. Just messing around. Photos. I fell down during one. It was funny.

Lunch. Screwing around. Went up to rafters. Door locked. I got out a library card. Tried to open the door. Gave my card to her, SA tried too.

“That's not gonna work, SA. Can I have my card back?”

I give her that look. She reluctantly returns my newly dented library card.

Just being in places that we weren't supposed to be, it was really fun.

We left for the building next door, under construction. I ran in first. Others snuck in, found mirror preperation rooms. Rubble all over the place.

We left, went outside, ate our lunch, and talked. Sitting on the red bricks, and we're surrounded by green, trees, benches, and people just walking around. The prettiest place of this ugly ass college Sitting on the red bricks, and we're surrounded by green, trees, benches, and people just walking around. The prettiest place of this ugly ass college.

SA gives me her bagel, cause I didn't bring lunch. Crazy clown spills hot sauce on AM. SA gives him her sweater. AM replaces his shirt with it. Rehearsal's over. We go home.

No bueno.

We're back. Concert time. Industrial elevator. On stage.

AM. “Cellists are hot”


Some time before concert starts. Up to the rafters! Sneaking around. Get caught. Of course.

Concerts over. First goodbyes. Except for the squad.

To the tunnels. More pictures. Much laughing.

First two went ahead. Not me and SM.

“He wants to ask her out”


She knows now. Oops.

Two came back. Nothing happened.

AM pulls me aside. They notice. Awkward. Uncomfortable. Shit.

We go back. It's strange. AM says goodbye. I give him a weird hug.

“Care to explain what that was?”

Shit. Had to explain.

We watch the rest of the concert, mostly in silence. Sad.

“Jeez, they're really good!”

They laugh, but not like before.


To SM. “I'll see you at GWYWOA”

To SA. “When will I see you again?”


Move fast and break things.

I gotta ask them for those pictures.