I don’t like formality. There’s no formality when we’re born and none when we die. In between we should treat each other as brothers and sisters because we all want to live a happy life. This is our common purpose and our right. Nothing is guaranteed about the future, but we live in hope of being happy.

— 14th Dalai Lama

I think His Holiness is spot on. There was a much better quote about formality by the Dalai Lama in The Book of Joy, but I've already returned it to Overdrive, and all the copies have been taken out. There's also no pirated pdf from a quick google search. So, we're stuck with a facebook post.

I've got my ethos. Now the other stuff.

I'm conviced that people who fearlessly, skillfully, and naturally break social norms are the ones who dominate the world. Any drunkard or madman can do it, but it takes a genius to do well. It is the superpower of our most charismatic brothers and sisters. Those that know everything will be ok. Those who can see the people in everyone else, and those who have the courage to touch them.

Balls are the outcome. Balls will come after you respect yourself, after you regularly put yourself in unfamiliar situations. Balls means that you're living.

Balls are aquired through comprehensible input.


Actually, since Stephen Krashen has introduced me to the input hypothesis, I've been able to see many places where it applies. On quick inspection, it can be applied as easily and as universally as the 80/20 rule. Social situations, body language. Mathematics, science. Design, painting. The more input of these things you recieve, the more natural, spontanious, and genius the output will be. Input first. Then, comes output.

That's it. Bye!