Being in NYC makes you feel as if you should be doing something. Grand Central makes you want to get a job, or meet friends or family. NYPL Libraries make you want to write more, finish a good book, or just get started on college apps. Harlem makes you want to talk to people, to try to fix world problems, or even just play basketball. The Cooper Hewitt makes you want to be creative, embrace those big creative ideas we've been having, think about entrepeneurs. Those garbage tourists, make you want to punch them, but partly you're just jealous, of their freedom, their adventure.

Central Park wasn't any better. Fit joggers, happy couples, and adorable dogs – whatever it is you've been kicking yourself over, you'll feel no better here.

I was bored, and I just came from the Neue Galerie. I had my ereader, and figure I'd go to central park, plop down by a tree, and keep reading Edna Ferber. Wandered around for a bit, it was rather warm, a lot of people too. Walked by the lake, smiled at the view, walked back, found a smallish greenway, with a few olden trees spotted around, walked up to a tree with an indentation in it's bark, like a built-in seat, and sat down.

I didn't start to read yet, because I saw this girl, blonde, maybe college student, just lying prone, in the grass, on her back, knees to the sky.

Crap, is she dead?

No way she's from around here – I mean, she's not doing anything.

She's cute.

Look at her, surrounded by the busiest city in the whole world, and she's just laying there. She's awake – she moves around pretty often – and I haven't seen her check a phone once. She just is, doing whatever she's doing.

At this point the ereader's out, but not really reading anything. I keep sneaking looks at her. People watching is fun, and it opens your mind, is what I tell myself. It's not like you're not allowed to look.

But feeling I could be arrested at any moment for being a total creepo, I focus on my book, and finish a good two chapters undisturbed. I look up, and realize she's gone.

Oh well, wonder where she went.

I get up, and restart my aimless city wandering.