I was bored, and downloaded an iso. The openbsd website actually has several disk images, and I had to poke around for one that would work. On the third try, I picked the instalXX.fs and copied it to a usb.

Sticked it in, and booted to it. Great!

Did the install, as it should go.

And when I try to restart the compter, it freezes up at the UEFI motherboard logo!

— Well, I don't think that's so bad, maybe it just takes a while to boot.

And I waited, and nothing, frozen on the UEFI.

— Maybe openbsd is booted already, but graphics didn't load (whatever the hell that means?)

No, I think it just didn't work.

God dammit, this has never happened before. How the hell does an ISO install brick the boot process?

When I have time to waste, I'll pull out the hard drive containing the openbsd install, hoping UEFI does nothing, and I can go into the settings.

But, as of now, no luck.

God sent a signal to get me to stop wasting my time, and to actually get stuff done.

I keep skipping days. This isn't a very good daily blog. But now it will be. I re-stance by the daily excersize now. It's good.

I'll be going to vacation soon anyays. I have to do it.

Good boy.