It's a beautiful day.

Walking through town though, there seem to be many pigs.

But see, this is unusual. Where we live, there aren't many pigs. There are cars, sure. Usually, cars run down our town street, busy commuters, or rich kiddies, or landscaping trucks. But today, the streets are totally empty, except that they are filled with pigs.

Shoulder to shoulder, the pigs are packed in, a glacial force, moving slowly up King Street. Imagine getting a pontoon boat, and riding the wave, like swimming through shade balls.


oink__oink oink__oink



After a long day, all I want is to go home now. I spread my arms wide, and fall backwards onto the pink, fleshy, choo-choo-train.

oink__oink__oink__oink__oink__oink__oink__oink__oink__oink__oink__oink__oink__oink__oink__oink__oink__oink__oink__oink__oink__oink__oink__oink__oink oink__oink__oink__oink__oink__oink__oink__oink__oink__oink__oink__oink__oink__oink__oink__oink__oink__oink__oink__oink__oink__oink__oink__oink__oink

I am home.